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4,000+ customers across public and private companies, government, and public sector

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Pick your training path – self-guided or instructor-led options

Flexible options for entering leases based on your needs

In-house technical accounting expertise

Expert support by our in-house accounting team

50+ hours of free CPE credit hours offered a year

Proactive and seamless updates for standard changes

“The adaptability of the software it is VERY smart and knows how to adjust/account for things properly when you throw it a curveball”

“When I pull data from Lease Query I know it’s right”

“LeaseQuery has taken a very manual and error-prone process that was causing a material weakness in our accounting procedures and turned it into a click of button.”

“The software was built from an accounting point of view, which differentiates it from other choices that primarily focus on admin, with accounting as an add-on. The support staff behind the software can address accounting-related queries as well and understand the “language”.”

LeaseQuery sets the standard with
simple solutions for complex accounting needs.