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Easily and accurately account for Subscription-Based IT Agreements (SBITAs)

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LeaseQuery for GASB 96 is a cloud-based solution backed by the expert team of CPAs who built our industry-leading GASB 87 lease accounting software.

Most GASB organizations have 20+ SBITAs under the financial and accounting guidelines of the GASB 96 standard. We understand the intricacies of the new GASB 96 statement the way only accountants can. 

LeaseQuery’s solution for GASB 96 handles the complex capitalization criteria and subsequent accounting to simplify compliance with the new guidelines. Our software offers fund allocation, modified accrual journal entries, and conversion entries for government-wide financial statements to support your fund accounting requirements.

Beyond compliance, LeaseQuery’s GASB 96 solution facilitates budgeting and cross-department collaboration by housing financial and contract information on all your SBITAs in one place.


Amortization Schedules and Journal Entries

Amortization Schedules
and Journal Entries

CPA tested and approved calculations for numbers you can trust.

Contract Upload and Management

Contract Upload
and Management

Cloud-based central repository keeps everything related to your SBITAs in one place.

Automated Footnote Disclosures


Complete quantitative disclosure reports, unlimited custom reports, and fund accounting provide the functionality you need for compliance.

Download our GASB 96 Transition Guide

Use our Transition Guide to simplify adoption of the new GASB 96 standard. Our tips help you:

  • Identify your SBITAs
  • Track SBITAs across your organization
  • Vet GASB 96 software