Simplifying Lease Accounting – Together

Our cloud-based platform and lease accounting expertise allow you to enhance your offering, beat the competitors, and drive revenue.

Why Partner with LeaseQuery? Huge Market Growth


of U.S. companies lease equipment today


annual recurring spend on lease accounting software by 2024


private companies using software to account for leases by 2024


adoption rate for lease accounting software by 2024


We provide a solution your clients need

Expert Support

The most reliable support team in the industry

35+ Accountants

 More accountants on staff than anyone else

New Revenue

Get a slice of the booming market for your company

Who Are Our Partners?

Our partners range from globally known enterprises to locally trusted firms. While each is unique, they share the goal of adding value for their customers with industry-leading lease accounting software from LeaseQuery.

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LeaseQuery is a proud member of the Information Technology Alliance (ITA).

Five Ways to Partner

Refer LeaseQuery and
earn commission

VARs | Consulting Firms

You make the introduction, we do the work, you earn revenue! With a dedicated team to support you, you’ll have everything you need to provide the industry-leading solution to your clients.

Implement LeaseQuery to earn services revenue

Accounting & Audit Firms

Grow service revenue by implementing LeaseQuery for your clients. Your team will receive specialized certification on our platform. We make sure you become experts on setting up and using LeaseQuery and we have a dedicated team to support you.

Use LeaseQuery to expand your service offering

Accounting & Audit Firms

Expand the outsourced accounting services you provide by using LeaseQuery for lease accounting. You can provide your clients with the required disclosures, journal entries, and financial insights for their lease portfolio, all while earning added revenue.

Integrate with LeaseQuery and receive revenue share

ERPs | Software Developers | Technology Marketplaces

Provide the missing piece in your clients’ tech stack and get the edge over your competitors. Integrations easily transfer the data from LeaseQuery into your system, giving your clients the complete accounting view they need.

Sell LeaseQuery and increase revenue

Technology Consulting Firms

Manage the entire sales and support relationship with your clients by reselling LeaseQuery under your umbrella. Your team will receive specialized certification on our platform and have a dedicated team to assist.

What’s in it for you?

Accounting Firms

Partnership options for firms of all sizes

Diversify revenue streams with little investment or effort

Focus on more profitable parts of your business, while still supporting client needs and expectations

Take advantage of opportunities for co-marketing, hosting sponsored events for clients/prospects, and more

Systems Integrators

Business opportunities for nationally known VARs through boutique local consulting firms

Easily earn revenue through referrals

Get a share of an exploding market before your competitors do

Solve a need-to-have for your clients

Technology Partners

ERPs and solution providers across industries partner with LeaseQuery

Meet the expectations of clients who want solutions that work together

Generate additional revenue

Keep pace with your competitors in the marketplace

LeaseQuery is the perfect complement to your accounting and consulting services. Let’s work together to meet your clients’ needs.