Free Lease Accounting Tools

Embedded Lease Test

Asset Retirement Obligation Identifier

Use this free tool to determine if you have a legal obligation to retire an asset.

Embedded Lease Test

GASB 87 Lease Identifier

Use this free tool to determine if you have a lease under GASB 87.


Free Lease Administration Software

Manage your leases so your leases don’t manage you.


Free Lease Accounting Software

Comply with confidence for up to nine leases under ASC 842 & IFRS 16.

Lease Tracking Spreadsheet

GASB Lease Accounting RFP

Use our GASB specific RFP to start evaluating software vendors today.

Embedded Lease Test

Lease Accounting Software RFP

Use our RFP to start evaluating lease accounting software vendors today.

Lease Tracking Spreadsheet

Lease vs Buy Calculator

Perform a break even analysis with our free Lease vs Buy excel template.

Lease Tracking Spreadsheet

GASB Lease Tracking Template

Use this free tool to create an inventory of your leases.

Embedded Lease Test

Embedded Lease Test

Use this free tool to determine if your contract contains a lease.

Lease Tracking Spreadsheet

Lease Asset Tracker

Use this free tool to easily document your leases.

Lease Tracking Spreadsheet

Capital vs. Operating Lease Test

Use this free tool to determine your lease classification.

Embedded Lease Test

Present Value Calculator

Use this free tool to calculate the present value of your minimum lease payments.

Embedded Lease Test

ASC 842 Lease Accounting Quiz

Test your ASC 842 expertise with these 15 multiple-choice questions.

About Our Lease Accounting Tools:


LeaseGuru is lease accounting software designed for small businesses that have a lease portfolio of nine or fewer leases. The software supports FASB and IFRS reporting standards and is available for free until March, 2020. To get started, simply sign up and you can begin entering your leases.

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RFP Template for Lease Accounting Software and GASB 87 RFP Template

To help with your software selection process, we have created two RFP templates for lease accounting software. The first is designed for the specific needs of organizations reporting under GASB. Our second template is useful for businesses reporting under other lease accounting standards, such as ASC 842 and IFRS 16:

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Lease vs Buy Calculator

Lease vs buy analyses are more important than ever now that operating leases are going on the balance sheet. To help you make an informed decision on whether to lease or buy an asset for your organization, we have created the LeaseQuery Lease vs Buy Calculator, a free Excel tool that allows you to perform a break-even analysis and determine the best course of action.

Learn more about what to consider during your lease vs buy decision:

Lease Asset Tracker and GASB 87 Lease Asset Tracker

As a result of their efforts to become compliant with the new lease accounting standards, many accountants have discovered that their organizations have more leases than they previously believed. To help manage these leases during the the transition process, we’ve created the Lease Asset Tracker as well as a GASB-specific Lease Asset Tracker. Use these free spreadsheets for documentation and tracking of your lease inventory.

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Embedded Lease Tool

The Embedded Lease Test helps determine if one of your contracts contains an embedded lease. The tool walks you through a series of questions covering specific language often used in contracts that can identify if an embedded lease is included.

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Capital vs. Operating Lease Tool

The Capital vs. Operating Lease Test walks you through the four tests necessary to determine whether a lease is a capital lease or an operating lease under FASB ASC 840.

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Present Value Calculator

Our Present Value Calculator is a downloadable Excel tool that allows you to calculate the net present value of your lease payments, otherwise known as the lease liability.

Learn more about lease liability, the present value calculation, and amortization schedules:

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Lease Accounting Software Comparison Guide

Software Comparison Guide

The top questions to ask lease accounting software vendors.

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