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Free Lease Accounting Tools

Lease Asset Tracker

Free Lease Accounting Software

Comply with confidence for up to 9 leases under ASC 842 & IFRS 16.

Lease vs Buy Calculator

Lease vs Buy Calculator

Perform a break even analysis with our free Lease vs Buy excel template.

GASB Lease Tracking Template

GASB Lease Tracking Template

Use this free tool to create an inventory of your leases.

Embedded Lease Test

Embedded Lease Test

Use this free tool to determine if your contract contains a lease.

Lease Asset Tracker

Lease Asset Tracker

Use this free tool to easily document your leases.

Capital vs. Operating Lease Test

Capital vs. Operating Lease Test

Use this free tool to determine your lease classification.

Present Value Calculator

Present Value Calculator

Use this free tool to calculate the present value of your minimum lease payments.

About Our Lease Accounting Tools

Embedded Lease Tool

The Embedded Lease Test helps determine if one of your contracts contains an embedded lease. The tool walks you through a series of questions covering specific language often used in contracts that can identify if an embedded lease is included.

For more information about contracts and embedded leases, read the following blogs:

Lease Asset Tracker

As a result of their efforts to become compliant with FASB ASC 842 and IFRS 16, many accountants have discovered that their organizations have more leases than they previously believed. To help manage these leases during the the transition process, we’ve created the Lease Asset Tracker. It’s a free spreadsheet that you can use for documentation and tracking of your lease inventory.

To learn more, read the following blogs:

Capital vs. Operating Lease Tool

The Capital vs. Operating Lease Test walks you through the four tests necessary to determine whether a lease is a capital lease or an operating lease under the current lease accounting standard, FASB ASC 840.

To learn more about these tests as well as how to identify and differentiate between capital and operating leases under both ASC 840 and ASC 842, read our blog, Capital and Finance Lease Accounting: A Comprehensive Example.

Or, if you would like to learn more about the right of use asset and operating lease accounting, read the following blogs:

Present Value Calculator

The Present Value Calculator is a downloadable tool that helps you calculate the net present value of minimum lease payments.

To learn more about how to perform the present value calculations for leases, read the following blogs:

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Learn the steps to transition to ASC 842 and IFRS 16.

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A guide to your first post-transition audit.

Lease Accounting Software Comparison Guide

Software Comparison Guide

The top questions to ask lease accounting software vendors.

LeaseQuery Journey to Adoption Survey

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