For Lease Accounting,
One Size Does Not Fit All


Pricing based on lease count so you only pay for what you need.


Unlimited users so cost doesn't get in the way of collaboration.


Compliance, financial insights, and operational efficiency for everyone.

Comply with lease accounting standards and uncover value in your lease portfolio.

With LeaseQuery, your team can work together seamlessly. Our out-of-the-box features reduce the time you spend on lease accounting and give you insight into where your money is going.


Our CPA-approved solution simplifies lease accounting and facilitates compliance for organizations across all sectors. Generate complete disclosure reports required by auditors and regulators, and comply confidently with:









Financial Insights

Beyond compliance, LeaseQuery empowers you to discover real business opportunities with a clear look into your leases. Evaluate your lease portfolio with:


A searchable central repository of your lease information


A powerful reporting suite with over 100 ways to analyze your leases


Robust controls to ensure data integrity


Customizable alerts for critical dates, payment escalations, and more

Operational Efficiency

A cloud-based solution with unlimited users streamlines communication for teams across the organization. Save time and collaborate easily with:


Role based access


Ledger agnostic journal entries


Clean, clear lease abstracts accessible from anywhere


International consideration including currency translation and remeasurement

“LeaseQuery has saved us at least 200 hours a year… We’ve saved time, gotten enhanced reporting, and it’s more accurate.”

– General Ledger Manager at Burns & McDonnell

“It’s made it easier for other people in the company to have access to the same information that I have.”

– Monica Hoffart, Accounting Supervisor at Community Bank N.A.

“LeaseQuery came in at the right budget and did everything we wanted it to.”

– Weston Curtis, Senior Corporate Accountant at Boart Longyear

“I just continue to be very sure that we made the right decision.”

– Al Horcher, Director of External Reporting at Enzo


What size companies does LeaseQuery serve?

Our solution is flexible enough to meet the needs of companies of all sizes – ranging from small businesses to Fortune 500s. Our pricing structure reflects that flexibility.


How is pricing determined?

We offer a subscription model based on the number of leases. To incorporate your solution requirements for an accurate price, schedule a demo with our technical lease accountants.

How many users can my company have?

Unlimited. To encourage collaboration, pricing is by number of leases, not by number of users.


Why is LeaseQuery the best choice for lease accounting?

We are accountants just like you. Unlike other lease accounting software vendors, we aren’t former real estate professionals trying to learn accounting on your dime. LeaseQuery is staffed by accountants with diverse backgrounds who not only created our lease accounting solution, but also help companies like yours during the transition. We are the absolute best at what we do.