Ideal for over 30 leased assets - buildings, equipment or both.
Our clients are in multiple industries including retail, healthcare, finance and manufacturing.

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Benefits of LeaseQuery

LeaseQuery is lease administration software which enables accountants and real estate professionals to:

  • Determine impact of new lease accounting rules on the lease portfolio
  • Effectively manage and minimize financial risk associated with lease portfolios
  • Instantly generate error-free lease journal entries for posting
  • Perform lease versus buy analyses when evalulating equipment or real estate purchases
  • 24/7 access to lease documents and information from any location
  • Always be prepared for external or internal financial audits or reviews
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What Our Clients Say

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Features of LeaseQuery

LeaseQuery is a cloud-based, lease management software which enables companies who
lease real estate and/or equipment to simplify their accounting for leases and easily comply with the new GAAP lease accounting guidelines.

Accounting For Leases: New FASB Lease Accounting Rules

  • LeaseQuery simplifies accounting for leases of real estate and equipment.
  • Our lease accounting software already complies with the new IASB and FASB lease accounting rules.
  • LeaseQuery calculates the ROU asset and lease liability under the
    new rules.
  • Our lease management software gives you the journal entries to make at transition.
  • Get immediate access to the new reports required under the new
    lease rules.


  • LeaseQuery makes it simple, you don’t have to dig through hundreds of reports to find the one you need.
  • Two built-in reports: The Commitments and Contingencies reports required in your notes for GAAP and the commitments reports required in the MD&A.
  • Need more reports? It’s simple and easy to build any report you want, with any attribute you want.

Critical Dates

  • Manage critical dates like expirations, renewals, and any custom dates.
  • Users have the ability to set different tasks under multiple leases and assign them to an employee, along with a “complete by” date.
  • Never miss a critical date again.

Document Management

  • Organize all of your lease documents in any format (pdf, word, etc) in one searchable database.
  • Our state of the art search function lets you retrieve precisely what you are looking for.

Data Integrity

  • LeaseQuery ensures that errors are not introduced into the system by requiring all leases entered to be approved by someone other than the person who entered it.
  • Each lease has an audit trail, disclosing who entered it, who approved it, who modified/edited it, and who deleted it.
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Tailor the system to fit your company's needs. Add custom metrics or attributes to the system that are specific to your company or industry.

Developed by Accountants

LeaseQuery works the way an accountant thinks. It was created by accountants who knew what a system absolutely needed to do.


LeaseQuery's lease accounting software handles all types of assets with ease.

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