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A Lease Accounting Solution You Can Trust

LeaseQuery takes your lease accounting through compliance and beyond. From reporting to journal entries, our CPA-approved, cloud-based solution simplifies lease accounting for accountants and finance professionals and facilitates compliance for organizations across all sectors reporting under FASB, IFRS, and GASB.

LeaseQuery is built with the complexities of lease accounting in mind, arming accountants with operational tools, data integrity, accounting intelligence, international consideration, and the specific disclosure reports required by auditors and regulators.

1000+ Loyal Customers Rely on LeaseQuery for Lease Accounting Compliance

LeaseQuery Helps You Solve
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Reduce Costs

LeaseQuery’s critical alerts and robust reporting tools ensure deadlines are met and data is precise long before the transition deadline. These capabilities present potential cost-savings and empower confidence and accuracy as you run your first post-transition journal entries and reports.

Increase Efficiency

Any user accessing LeaseQuery can quickly pull up contracts with the search function, set alert reminders for critical dates or document completion, and manage lease contracts in one centralized repository. These features allow teams across the organization to collaborate in a more effective and secure manner.

Minimize Risk

With LeaseQuery’s cloud-based SaaS platform, you can access your leases anywhere there’s an internet connection. This reduces both time spent searching folders and hard drives, and the risk of your data being compromised. The solution also gives auditors read-only access, facilitating a more accurate and simplified audit.

POP QUIZ! With the new lease accounting deadlines on the horizon, are you prepared? Pick your standard and put your expertise to the test with our ASC 842 or GASB 87 quiz.
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