What Our Clients are Saying

Trista Land, CPA

Accounting Manager @ PT Solutions


“When we implemented LeaseQuery, we learned that we had overstated expenses and understated our assets. We also realized that a few vendors were charging us the wrong rent amount. This software gave us P&L savings and real dollar savings that were right in front of us.”

Missy Whitehill

Operations Manager @ Scotland Wright


“In addition to making the management of leases a breeze, LeaseQuery also provides extensive financial and accounting services, which has proven to be a huge asset to the CFOs, controllers, and accountants for the companies we represent.”

This is a breath of fresh air for an occupation that’s usually treated with bored stares, long sighs and slow blinks. As I signed off for the day, I found myself wondering what new funny would be waiting for me the next time I logged into LeaseQuery. And then I realized I was actually liking lease accounting for the first time in eight years.

—Anna K.

Publicly Traded Insurance Company

We are able to instantly pull up all of the details on any given lease with only a couple of clicks. From basic information like location, size and important dates, to amortization charts and financial/accounting data, the search feature makes it simple to use and gives you immediate results.

—Missy W.

Scotland Wright Associates

Leases are very easy to input into the software and the summary outputs are invaluable.

—Chris F.

Westplan Investors

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