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Lease Accounting Compliance

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Amortization Schedules

The nuances of your leases – ranging from percentage rent to tenant improvement allowances – greatly increase the complexity of lease accounting.

Amortization Schedules

While you may be prepared to account for real estate leases, do you have the resources needed to account for equipment leases contained in service contracts?

Amortization Schedules

A purpose-built lease software enables you to automate the most complex aspects of lease accounting while giving you confidence in your accuracy.

Your Guide to a Compliant Transition

Learn how to build a comprehensive lease inventory and accurately transition your leases.

Included in the guide:

  • 12 key steps to a smooth transition for restaurants and retailers
  • Tips to establishing the point person for transition
  • How to dictate the right lease accounting software for your business
  • Immediate access to several lease accounting resources and tools

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