Native in NetSuite – LeaseQuery,
the #1 Solution for Lease Accounting

Extend the power of NetSuite with our CPA-approved, lease accounting solution built entirely inside the SuiteCloud platform.

LeaseQuery is rated #1 by CPAs for lease accounting

Simplify ASC 842 & IFRS 16 compliance with a solution built by accountants for accountants. LeaseQuery for NetSuite lets you ditch your manual lease tracking spreadsheets to automate and consolidate your lease accounting processes. Accounting teams across all sectors rely on LeaseQuery to facilitate compliance – why not yours?

Easy to use, direct integration

“The LeaseQuery module sitting directly in NetSuite makes things very convenient to not only manage your leases but also make sure your accounting under 842 is accurate. No complicated excel files to work through, just direct calculation and posting right in NetSuite.”

More than an app, expertise

Expert support – More than 35 accountants on staff

35+ hours of free CPE credit hours offered a year

Regular updates stay on top of standard changes

Get the SuiteApp that:


Transitions your lease portfolio to the new standards


Calculates the ROU asset


Produces amortization schedules


Generates journal entries


Classifies leases as finance or operating


Centrally stores lease management information


Seamlessly integrates with your company’s chart of accounts, currencies, vendors, departments, classes, and locations


Issues payments directly to the lessor from NetSuite

Meet the Accountants Behind LeaseQuery

Our in-house accounting expertise makes LeaseQuery unique. Experienced accountants build our products and assist our clients every step of the way. Meet some of the team below:

George Azih

CEO & Founder

George is a leading expert in lease accounting and founded LeaseQuery in 2011.  Prior to that, he performed Accounting Research and Technical Accounting for a Fortune 500 company.

Melissa Sacks

Director of Product

As the Director of Product, Melissa brings nearly 20 years of experience in financial reporting and technical accounting to the team. 

Sarah O'Sullivan

Director of Product

As the Director of Product, Sarah brings over 16 years of accounting and finance experience to the company. 

Jason Parker

Lead Accounting Manager

Jason brings multiple years of audit experience to the team. He continues to develop his skills in GAAP and IFRS technical accounting topics in his role as Accounting Solutions Manager.