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Avoid lease late payment fees and renewing unnecessary leases with LeaseManager by LeaseQuery.

Stop wasting time tracking your leases in Excel and get control of your portfolio of leased assets with our free lease management solution. LeaseManager by LeaseQuery simplifies day-to-day tasks like tracking dates, contacts, and payments so that you can spend your time on other projects.

Critical Alerts

Critical Alerts

Avoid late payments and overpayments –  get automated alerts for critical dates like renewals, payment due dates, rent abatements, and more.

Central Lease Database

Central Lease Database

Stop chasing down data – easily give yourself and other departments access to lease information in our cloud-based, searchable database.

Lease Abstracts

Automated Lease Abstracts

Automatic instant lease abstracts created for every lease you enter – our tool ensures you receive a custom, professionally designed pdf with all of your important lease details.

The right lease management software for today and tomorrow

LeaseManager by LeaseQuery makes your job easier today and sets your company up for an easier transition to the new lease accounting standards tomorrow. With all your leases in our central repository, one of the most difficult parts of the journey to adoption is complete.

And, if you later decide to upgrade to LeaseQuery, lease accounting compliance for all sectors reporting under FASB, IFRS, and GASB is as easy as the flip of a switch

LeaseManager Free Lease Management Software

Need a lease accounting solution?

Check out LeaseQuery for the reporting, disclosures, and journal entries required to achieve mandatory compliance with FASB, IFRS, and GASB lease accounting standards.