Lease Accounting Software

“It was the ultimate relief to hear that all this craziness that GASB is putting out, that there really is a way that we’re going to be able to handle it.”


Wendy Keller
Accounting Manager, Utah State University

LeaseQuery Features for GASB 87 Compliance

LeaseQuery is the best-rated software for compliance with the new governmental lease accounting standard. It is a streamlined lease accounting solution that offers several key features, including the ones below.

GASB 13 & 87 Compliance

Third-party verified security and controls for ease of compliance ensuring a smooth audit.

Robust Reporting

All of the time-consuming required reports for GASB 13 & 87 are ready out of the box with one click. You also have access to unlimited custom reports.

Built for Lessee & Lessor

Have lessee and lessor leases? LeaseQuery has your covered with our robust accounting for both sides of the transaction.

We ensure you fully comply with GASB 87

Cloud-based Software Solution

  • Keep your leases in a centralized location
  • Access your leases anywhere there’s an internet connection
  • Track lease modifications in real-time

Secure & IT Approved

  • Stringent validation protocols ensure all updates are approved
  • Track all leases without risk of data breaches or human error
  • Levels of access allow you to let your employees view only the information they need

Automation of
Critical Alerts & Reports

  • Custom and canned reporting help provide transparency to your auditors
  • Provide disclosures in GASB 87 or legacy GASB 13
  • Custom alerts remind you of critical dates for payments, renewals, and more