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“I was very impressed with their knowledge of the standard and how it works with the software. Compared to other vendors they seemed to have a better understanding of the accounting behind it and how the client is going to actually use the software to report on that.”

Marc Jones Jr.
Controller, Goosehead Insurance

LeaseQuery Features for ASC 842 Compliance

ASC 842 Compliance

ASC 842 Compliance

LeaseQuery’s ASC 842 software is proven to unlock new efficiencies and simplify accounting for leases. The cloud-based solution sets users up for day one and long-term compliance.

Accurate Reporting

Accurate Reporting

Reports and disclosures required for ASC 842 compliance made available out of the box. Custom reports are also available based on any allocation, for any time period you choose.

Central Repository

Central Repository

Make the auditing process more efficient and transparent by giving management and external auditors access to download all necessary and compliant lease documents.

We ensure you fully comply with ASC 842

Cloud-based Solution

  • Develop a centralized accounting process
  • Enter data and view changes in real-time
  • Accurate audit trails noting lease entries, modifications, and approvals
  • Easy access to your lease documents anywhere there’s an internet connection
Cloud Based Solution
IT Approved

Secure and IT Approved

  • Data entry validation protocols requiring approval for all updates made to a lease
  • Functionality that reinforces internal controls in accordance with the Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) Act
  • Secure firewalls, ensuring only authorized network users can access information


  • Generate automated reports for complex lease calculations
  • Set up alerts to keep critical ASC 842 deadlines top-of-mind
  • Improve lease accounting tasks related to payment schedules, disclosures, reconciliation, support, and more with the ease of automation