Events & Webinars

December 17, 2020

CPE Webinar | 11am – 12pm EST

Using the Audit to your Advantage: Steps to Take Now for a Smooth Transition

Description: This webinar will focus on steps that private companies (and their auditors) can take during the next fiscal year to prepare for the effective date of ASC 842. We will discuss strategies for each phase of the audit cycle – planning, assessing risks, testing, reporting. These planning efforts will help to reduce surprises later. While it may feel like there is an abundance of time remaining until the ASC 842 transition deadline, taking steps now to understand the risks associated with lease accounting and identifying and establishing controls to mitigate those risks will promote a smooth transition.

Topics Covered:

  • Identify the importance of meeting with your auditors early on in the process.
  • Recognize the principal risks and mitigating controls associated with lease accounting.
  • Discover how to establish key lease accounting policies and confirm your accuracy.