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LeaseQuery has been a fabulous tool for our company. From the beginning, the LeaseQuery team has provided a quality product and excellent support.

Manager of Fixed Assets and Projects
Paper & Forest Products

I have been using the software for over a year with over 100 leases to enter. Everything is in one place: data, documents, and report functionality. This is being used not only by accounting but our sales manager to manage the renewal of the leases.

AVP Accounting & Tax
Financial Services

Before using LeaseQuery, we were manually tracking leases, which took a significant amount of time and resources. Once we made the choice to go with LeaseQuery, initial setup was seamless and we were given a dedicated resource to help us with any questions that came up during implementation. I’m very pleased with how easy it is to use the software and we’re happy with the segregation/controls that are in place.

Accounting Manager
Staffing and Recruiting

The software has automated what was a very time consuming process and was invaluable to the implementation of the new lease standard. The customer service has been very helpful and quick to respond when questions or issues have come up. LQ staff are very knowledgeable and easy to work with.

Senior Financial Analyst
Financial Services

1700+ Loyal Customers Rely on LeaseQuery for Lease Accounting Compliance

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A Tool to Simplify
Lease Accounting Compliance

To achieve and maintain compliance with the new lease accounting standards, spreadsheets just won’t cut it. LeaseQuery simplifies lessee accounting for ASC 842 & IFRS 16 and lessee & lessor accounting for GASB 87. The software accounts for any lease including vehicles, equipment, & real estate. And with amortization schedules, journal entries, and all required disclosure reports right out of the box, LeaseQuery helps accountants work efficiently, strengthen the audit process, and make smart financial decisions.

Our accounting experts are ready to advise you through the transition process and help you properly apply the standards. Plus the software integrates with any ERP to automatically populate journal entries to your general ledger.


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Topics that will be covered in your consultation and demo

A comparison of financial statements under ASC 840/IAS 17 vs. ASC 842/IFRS 16

Complete disclosures meeting the requirements outlined in the respective guidance

Built-in controls for data accuracy
How to enter a lease in minutes, including all pertinent details

How the system distinguishes between capital/finance and operating leases

How to track all changes made to a lease
Customizable and standardized reports

Transition journal entries from ASC 840/IAS 17 to ASC 842/IFRS 16