LeaseQuery Essential
Product Tour

Let a CPA show you what LeaseQuery Essential can do for you.

Simple and cost effective software to account for up to 40 leases under ASC 842 or GASB 87

Daily office hours staffed by certified accounting analysts

Trusted solution for simplified compliance and reporting compliance and reporting

The 30-minute LeaseQuery Essential product tour
goes over key features including:


  • Ledger agnostic journal entries
  • Amortization schedules
  • Pre-built disclosure reports


  • Data validation and duplicate prevention
  • Lease change reporting and audit trail


  • Critical date reminders
  • Central document repository for easy document retrieval
  • View-only auditor access

Fund Accounting

  • Easily allocate leases across funds
  • Journal entries for modified accrual accounting and conversion to full accrual accounting

One-Stop Compliance for Leases

  • Third-party verified security and controls for a smooth audit
  • All required reports and disclosures for GASB 87 & 96 are ready out of the box

Lessee & Lessor

  • Lease accounting for both sides of the transaction