How we safeguard your data

At LeaseQuery, we realize that security and reliability are very important to our clients.

Our clients trust us with their data and we take this responsibility very seriously. Ensuring the security of our clients’ data, and the systems and applications that store this data, is a top priority for us.


SSL Encryption Certificate

A potential concern is whether or not data can be intercepted while “in transit” from one node on the internet to LeaseQuery. For maximum security, LeaseQuery is accessible via SSL encrypted endpoints. The encrypted endpoints are accessible from both the Internet and from within LeaseQuery, ensuring that data is transferred securely both within LeaseQuery and across sources outside LeaseQuery. This ensures that when username, password, or lease information is entered in your browser, it cannot be compromised. The lock icon on the browser’s address bar lets you verify that the SSL certificate is valid.


LeaseQuery servers and your data sit behind secure firewalls. This ensures that only authorized network users can access information.


Usernames and passwords are not directly stored in LeaseQuery’s databases. Instead, a Secure Hash Algorithm (SHA), which is a cryptographic hash function published by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) as a U.S. Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS), is applied to them. Since the hashing algorithm is a one-way conversion of the username or password to a fixed length hash-output, it is practically impossible to convert the hash-output back to the original username or password.

Physical Security

LeaseQuery utilizes servers located in world-class data centers, which provide the following protocols to ensure your data security:

  • 24/7 physical security for constant surveillance
  • Full network redundancy
  • Advanced fire protection, suppression, and detection system
  • Advanced integrated monitoring system which utilizes retinal and vascular scanning and redundant UPS power systems to avoid power failure and outages

Application Security

Access to any data within LeaseQuery is restricted by a secured username and password. The Application Security Layer ensures that each client only has access to their data using a valid username and password.

Managed Hosting

LeaseQuery has chosen Amazon Web Services (AWS) as its hosting infrastructure provider. With a 99.95% uptime guarantee, AWS is the number one cloud-hosting provider in the industry.


The data in your LeaseQuery account is backed up nightly on AWS and weekly backups are stored in an offsite location to prevent any failure from causing data loss. This ensures that your information will be safe and your records can be quickly restored.

Pen Tests

LeaseQuery undergoes external pen testing twice a year to evaluate the security of the application. This ensures that any potential security flaws are found and remedied quickly to keep your data safe from attackers.