LeaseQuery Helps Improve Lease Accounting Processes For Smile Doctors

This growing company found the right tool for a seamless transition


Smile Doctors used Excel to track their leases, but when the new lease accounting standards were announced, the accounting team knew they needed to find a better solution. Additionally, communication issues with their lessors increased the urgency in finding a lease accounting software. They needed something that could make their transition from ASC 840 to 842 easier, as well as the ability to alert them of critical dates.


Smile Doctors reached out to LeaseQuery as they began to evaluate different lease accounting software. They were already familiar with LeaseQuery’s online content, and after viewing a demo, they knew that LeaseQuery had all the features they needed plus ones they had not considered. After implementing LeaseQuery, Smile Doctors team feels more confident about transitioning to the new standards.

“LeaseQuery is intuitive, it makes sense, it flows in the way you would expect it to, it’s easy on the eyes, so the product speaks for itself.”

– Stephanie Troyer, Director of Accounting

Medical Lease Accounting Case Study