2022 LEASE Summit GASB Series On Demand
May 2022 LEASE Summit GASB Series On Demand

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During LeaseQuery’s virtual LEASE Summit GASB Series, accounting professionals came together to discuss GASB 87 and the new standard, GASB 96. Focus was on steps government entities can take to ensure a smooth transition and maintain compliance. We provided a detailed example for how to transition to the new lease accounting standard while also exploring similarities and differences to GASB 96. Presenters included personal insights from experiencing and/or auditing the transition first-hand.

Featured Sessions:

  • Opening Panel: Ask the Accounting Expert
  • GASB Statements 87 & 96: A Comprehensive Example and Comparison
  • How to Transition to GASB 87: An Auditor’s Perspective

Key Takeaways

Identify the steps for transitioning to GASB 87 and how to prepare for compliance

Understand similarities between GASB 87 and GASB 96 that can be used to gain efficiencies when adopting both standards

Explore how a company can prepare for their first audit post-transition to GASB 87

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