2023 LeaseQuery GASB Summit On Demand
March 2023 LeaseQuery GASB Summit On Demand

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Throughout this event, industry experts came together to discuss Day 2 lease accounting under GASB 87 and how to prepare for GASB 96.

Throughout each session, experts from Crowe, Cherry Bekaert, Horne, MGO, Eide Bailly and more discussed lessons learned from helping customers implement GASB 87 and dove into key GASB 96 concepts and contract components. They also shared steps your organization can take to ensure a smooth transition to GASB 96 with examples from government entities who have already implemented the standard.

Featured Sessions:

  • Ask the Accounting Expert
  • Road Map to GASB 96 Compliance
  • Applying the New Standard GASB 96

Key Takeaways

Examine the key concepts and accounting treatment presented in GASB 96

Learn best practices for maintaining compliance post-transition to GASB 87 and how to achieve a successful transition to GASB 96

Understand how government entities of all sizes are impacted by both GASB 87 & 96

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