LeaseGuru Product Tour

April 11, 2023
11:00 AM – 11:30 AM ET


Join us for a free product tour of our newest lease accounting software, LeaseGuru powered by LeaseQuery. LeaseGuru makes it simple and secure to account for your small lease portfolio under ASC 840, ASC 842, and IFRS 16. The product tour will consist of a brief overview of LeaseGuru, live demonstration of the product’s features and functionality including adding two leases completely free, and an overview of the plans and pricing starting at just $250/year. We will end the tour with a Q&A session to answer any questions about the tool and how to achieve compliance for your business.



Who should attend

Accounting and Finance professionals who would like to learn more about LeaseGuru and how it can help achieve compliance under ASC 840, ASC 842, and IFRS 16 for small lease portfolios.


Raeann Kane

Raeann Kane

Growth Marketing Manager at LeaseQuery

Raeann is a Growth Marketing Manager at LeaseQuery. Raeann has been in marketing her entire career working with companies to grow new products and services by creating awareness and educating consumers on their benefits. LeaseGuru is one of the main products Raeann focused on at LeaseQuery.