Account for Real Estate, Equipment, and Vehicle Leases with Ease

Harness lease accounting efficiencies
no matter the type or lease.

Flexibility for Every
Type of Asset

Complying with ASC 842 and IFRS 16 requires you to record all leases on the balance sheet, regardless of asset type. At the same time, you need visibility into the types of assets you lease for more effective lease management. With LeaseQuery, you can do both.

  • Keep track of multiple assets that are bundled under master agreements.
  • Properly address lease nuances like contingent rent, election of practical expedients, etc.
  • Create custom fields during implementation to segment your leases however you choose.

We Ensure You Comply Fully with FASB ASC 842 & IFRS 16

Remove Silos Between Departments

LeaseQuery offers you powerful tools to enhance collaboration across business units, departments, and locations. Use our system to centralize lease management for procurement, IT, legal, and other stakeholders that deal with leases.


  • Share licenses with stakeholders while preventing errors with role-based access.
  • Tailor the software to ensure you have all documents before completing a lease.
  • View journal entries by organizational or business unit.

Lease Accounting Software that Adapts with You

You’ll find some solutions that can be categorized as either real estate lease accounting software or equipment lease accounting software. With LeaseQuery, you don’t have to choose one or the other. Our software has the flexibility to adapt as your business and the regulatory landscape change.

Use custom reporting to forecast and plan based on time period, asset type, etc.


Count on our customer success managers to help you maximize ROI.


Rely on the software to stay up to date with the latest rules from the boards.

Our Clients Explain Our Lease Accounting Solutions Best

"It took a time-sucking, life-sucking process and turned it into the click of a button"

Trista — Controller at National Healthcare Organization

"LeaseQuery is years ahead of our external auditors in terms of lease knowledge and financial reporting, saving our company time, money, and resources."

Sarah M. - Tupelo Honey Hospitality Corporation

"We are able to instantly pull up all of the details on any given lease with only a couple of clicks. "

Missy W. - Scotland Wright Associates


"The time and productivity savings cannot even be put into words for a team with such stretched bandwidth like ours."

Trista L. – PT Solutions


"This is a breath of fresh air for an occupation that’s usually treated with bored stares, long sighs and slow blinks...I was actually liking lease accounting for the first time in eight years."

Anna K. – Publicly Traded Insurance Company


Talk to One of Our Expert Lease Accountants Today

Talk to One of Our Expert Lease Accountants Today