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LeaseQuery is the only lease accounting solution with a 5-star Capterra rating from accountants. Other solutions have good reviews, but they’re not from people who perform day-to-day lease accounting.

The Reviews Are Clear…

Pros: “Does the lease calculations and disclosures for us, sends alerts for critical dates, central repository for all lease contracts highlights areas of changes for ease of review, chat function makes it easy to get questions answered quickly, easily converts to new lease standard, built by CPAs!

— Director, Financial Reporting

“A game changer for lease management & accounting!”

Pros: “We are able to instantly pull up all of the details on any given lease with only a couple clicks of the mouse. From basic information like location, size and important dates, to amortization charts and financial/accounting data, the search feature makes it simple to use and gives you immediate results. No more digging through files and endless spreadsheets! We also love the automated email reminders of upcoming important dates, which help ensure no deadlines slip through the crack!”

— Brokerage Coordinator | Operations Manager

“LeaseQuery is my lifeline to maintaining sanity”

Pros: “Prior to LQ, Excel SS was my tracker for leases. Countless hours spent on updating lease extensions, contact info. deferred rent calculations and the worry of misstating financials with a simple oversight or formula error. Since implementing LQ, many of those worries and doubts have gone away. LQ has built in checks and balances to eliminate many common oversights and errors that can easily occur when maintaining Excel SS. The Customer Support you get with LQ is exceptional. The newly implemented online chat box is an invaluable, no cost upgrade. On the spot answers to questions you may have when working in the software saves valuable time by not having to make or wait for a return call to simple question you may have. One of the things I like most about the software is the reporting tool. With just a few clicks you can customize a report to include square footage, cost per foot, rent per month, etc. Landlord, Property Mgmt. info. If you enter info. into the system, you can get a report for it.”

Cons: “The software needs an “Undo Button”. With the requirement of a 2nd approver, which by the way is fantastic feature, once you begin a renewal or modification and discover you did something incorrect, the second approver needs to “reject” the submission before you can correct the error. This has been a recommendation and from what I understand is being developed currently.”

— Assistant Controller

“Great solution for a complicated issue”

Pros: “The ability to store all lease information in one spot that is easily found instead of using a folder system on a hard drive. It allows multiple users to query information on the fly.LeaseQuery has been able to provide an accountant’s solution to a complicated process. This software not only creates a one stop shop for all lease documents, contacts, dates and financial information, it also creates efficiencies across other departments such as fixed asset location reporting. The software simplifies lease accounting, but all the while provides the complex information that is needed for decision making. The team has provided a great product and he backs it up with great service.

Cons: “I would like to be able to run a report for a specified date without having to save the report first. Reporting functionality is still evolving and I believe it will keep improving”

— General Ledger Manager

“LQ has improved our process & access to lease accountants adds value!!”

Pros:  “Automates, does the lease calculations and disclosures for us, sends alerts for critical dates, central repository for all lease contracts, highlights areas of changes for ease of review, chat function makes it easy to get questions answered quickly, easily converts to new lease standard, build by CPAs who know critical data elements needed, easy to use!!!”

Cons: “A couple functions were needed, but when requested by LeaseQuery were told they were already working on it and now we’re just waiting for those enhancements to be tested and released to the live version. They are continually making changes to the software and are also open to feedback.

— Financial Reporting

“LQ dramatically impacted our accounting & operations team”

Pros:  “As our company expanded to almost 100 locations, it became nearly impossible to track all of the lease accounting correctly for our small accounting team. When we implemented LeaseQuery, we learned that we had overstated expenses and understated our assets. We also realized that a few vendors were charging us the wrong rent amount. This software gave us P&L savings and real dollar savings that was right in front of us. The time and productivity savings cannot even be put into words for a team with such stretched bandwidth like ours.

— Senior Accountant 

What They’re Saying About Everyone Else

Cons: “When it comes time to cancel, they have conveniently buried an auto-renew policy in the contract, and are trying to get me to pay for a service that never worked as promised.”

Business Development Supervisor

Cons: “Useless for accounting for monthly payments…or posting a monthly journal entry…in accordance with GAAP.”

VP Finance

Cons: “Formatting features in the report section could be more robust.”

Mgr. Lease Acquisition & Administration

Cons: “It’s not able to do all of the custom reports our team needs. We have to manipulate some of the standard & portfolio reports.”

Not Given

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