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All leases must be recorded on your balance sheets. Are you prepared to track both your finance and operating leases?
The effective date has passed. Are you and your team still struggling with your long term lease accounting plans?
The implementation guide has recently been released – have you and your team already begun your lease accounting transition?

We understand the intricacies of the new GASB 96 statement the way only accountants can. Are you ready to account for your SBITAs?

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“Their software has helped make our processes much more manageable and efficient and it has exceeded our expectations. They are always available and very responsive too. We are so glad we found them!”

Garret Sheffield
Assistant Controller, Burns & McDonnel

Lease Accounting Solutions
Lease Accounting Solutions

“LeaseQuery is intuitive, it makes sense, it flows in the way you would expect it to, it’s easy on the eyes – so the product speaks for itself.”

Stephanie Troyer
Director of Accounting, Smile Doctor

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