LeaseQuery Announces November Tech Summit, Highlighting the Fusion of Finance and Technology

by | Nov 1, 2023

The free virtual event provides key insights into the benefits of modern  technology to manage an organization’s largest areas of spend

Atlanta –  November 1, 2023LeaseQuery, a fast-growing provider of software built to efficiently manage companies’ largest areas of spend, is excited to host its annual Tech Summit on November 15, 2023, from 1:00 to 4:00 PM ET. 

This virtual event promises to be an engaging platform for accounting, finance and technology thought leaders to explore how modern technology can empower professionals in various aspects of their roles. The summit covers crucial topics, including audit preparedness, software spend management best practices, and the benefits of purpose-built lease accounting solutions post-deadline. 

Two key LeaseQuery partners will join the summit as well. Floqast’s Sales Engineer, Allie Forte, and RSM Partner Auditor, Anthony Placencio, will participate in the Audit Roundtable to discuss strategies for each phase of the audit cycle and share lessons learned on how to best prepare for a more efficient audit experience.

Summit Highlights:
This summit is designed for accounting, finance, and IT professionals, especially those who manage a medium-to-high volume of leases and software contracts. CPAs who serve such clients will also benefit from this summit. Sessions include:

  • Audit Prep Roundtable. LeaseQuery and its partners will gather for a discussion focused on the financial statement audit experience for private clients. 
  • What Are Your Software Applications Costing You? Experts will explain how to compile your software applications and the steps organizations should take to mitigate the risks of inefficient SaaS management. 
  • Mastering the Switch to a New Lease Accounting Solution Attendees will learn how to know when it’s time to switch to a different lease accounting solution and what the process entails. 

For a more in-depth agenda overview and to register now for this must-attend event, please visit

About LeaseQuery
LeaseQuery makes our customers’ lives easier by simplifying the complex with technology. More than 34,000 professionals rely on LeaseQuery to make better business and financial decisions for two of their largest areas of spend – leases and software subscriptions – something no other provider offers in the market. Our AI-powered software helps businesses minimize risk, increase efficiency and reduce costs.

Discover LeaseQuery’s award-winning accounting solutions, which focus on easing the mandatory transition to ASC 842, IFRS 16, GASB 87 and GASB 96 and LeaseQuery’s SaaS spend management solution here. For more information, visit

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