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Accounting Solutions You Can Trust

LeaseQuery’s proven SaaS solutions move complex accounting out of spreadsheets and into the secure cloud quickly and easily.

Accounting teams rely on our CPA-approved calculations to ensure accuracy, uncover insights, and facilitate compliance with the FASB, GASB, IFRS, and FASAB standards.

AI-powered lease entry helps your team work smarter, not harder by handling repetitive, rules-based tasks efficiently and accurately.


Simplifying Accounting and Facilitating Compliance Worldwide



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Organizations Rely on LeaseQuery for Lease Accounting Compliance

Solving Problems That Matter

Reduce Cost

Critical alerts, AI assistance, and extensive reporting mean deadlines are met and data is precise from day one, driving cost savings and accuracy as you run journal entries and reports.

Be More Efficient

Centralized lease contracts, quick search, critical date reminders, and seamless integrations allow teams to collaborate in a more effective and secure manner.

Comply with Confidence

LeaseQuery’s proven solution and CPA-approved calculations facilitate simple, confident compliance. Our secure, SaaS solution gives auditors read-only access for an easier and more efficient audit.