2021 LEASE Summit Recap

LeaseQuery’s virtual LEASE Summit focused on helping private companies and government organizations successfully transition to the new lease accounting standards, ASC 842 and GASB 87. All presentations from the free virtual event are available below for on-demand viewing.

Summit Session Details

Session 1 – Ask the Lease Accounting Expert Roundtable

Cheryl Levesque – Partner, DHG
Claire Esten – Partner, Grant Thornton
Emily Fish – Product Accounting Manager, LeaseQuery
George Azih – CEO and Founder, LeaseQuery
Mike Cheng – Partner, Frazier & Deeter
Stephanie Parker – Senior Financial Analyst, Middleby Corporation

Join a panel of experts from various accounting roles as they discuss their personal transition experiences to the new lease accounting standards. Panelists will provide insight into the various stages of the implementation process and share tips on what helped ease their experience.


  1. Gain insight into the lease accounting transition process from accounting experts
  2. Review what other organizations are searching for in their implementation process
  3. Identify best practices for a successful implementation and the functionalities needed for ongoing compliance

Session 2 – Lease Accounting Transition Workshop: Steps to Prepare for the Approaching Compliance Deadline

Amanda Payne – Technical Accounting Manager, LeaseQuery
Kiley Arnold – CPA, Accounting Product Marketing Manager, LeaseQuery

Whether you have just a few or several hundred leases, transitioning to the new lease accounting standards may take longer than you think. After the compliance deadline for public companies, a survey was conducted and 67% of public entities found their transition to be more difficult than they anticipated. Are you prepared to meet your organization’s compliance deadline?


  1. List the steps necessary to successfully transition from current lease accounting to the new standards
  2. Master specific calculations you can complete to help ensure your lease portfolio is complete
  3. Explore the various functionalities available in lease accounting solutions and begin determining which are necessary for your organization
  4. Recognize potential resources available to help simplify the transition process and maintain compliance post-transition

Session 3 – Integrations for the Win: From Digital Transformation to Successful Lease Accounting Transition

David Blackistone – Director, RSM
Mike Regan – CPA, Sage Intacct Consultant, RSM

During this presentation, integration experts from RSM will discuss the benefits and importance of integrating new applications to your existing systems to maximize the investment in your ERP. They will walk through what it takes to manage an integration and the steps a company can take now for a smooth transition to the new lease accounting standards. Finally, the presenters will review how an integrated lease accounting solution can simplify the accounting and processing of leases for the whole company. The presentation will end with a demonstration of technology that can be integrated to assist with the management of your leases.


  1. Identify the importance of the digital transformation to the accounting profession and ways to get the most out of your ERP
  2. Review the steps a company can take now to ensure a smooth transition to the new lease accounting standards
  3. Explore how lease accounting responsibilities post-integration can be mitigated

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